Episode 9 – We Are Invicible

This week we discuss our first foray outside of Dungeons & Dragons and into the role playing game Star Frontiers as well as other early TSR games. We also talk about the board/card game Red Dragon Inn. We get into some upcoming events and our experiences at various sci-fi and other conventions. We wrap things up by bringing back a topic from our first episode, comics, where we discuss the series “Invincible” by Image Comics. We also touch on Spawn and Todd McFarlane, his art and the toy line he created. As always we still talk about alcohol and other things going on in the nerd universe.

Episode 8 – May The Force Be With You is out and available for listening/download

A couple of days ago in a basement not far away…  You didn’t ask for it but we know you wanted it, the all Star Wars episode.  In this episode we talk about all of the Star Wars movies (yes, the prequels too) along with a little bit on the video games and even the Star Wars Holiday Special.  We also give you our first, spoiler free, impressions of the new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Episode 7 – The Not-So Secret Life of Nerds has been published

You should be getting Episode 7 shortly via iTunes or Google Play subscriptions.  It will be available on the website as well as soon as the site catches up.  This episode we talk about the new Batman animated movie with Adam West and Burt Ward voicing the caped crusader, along with a little bit about the old 60’s Batman show.  From there we move on to more about Dungeons & Dragons and our experiences with the game.  To end the show we introduce our newest segment we are calling “Anything Goes” where this week we discuss curling, and how everyone has their own nerd specialties and how we should not dismiss or degrade anyone just because they aren’t into or don’t know as much as you about something.

Episode 6 – Dungeons & Flagons will be available shortly.

We borrowed this name from the Pub Crawl at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, with all props to John Wray for coming up with the name originally, because it felt like a great fit for this episode.  We talk about the novel Ready Player One along with the upcoming film adaptation.  We talk Thundercats in the animation section.  And we start to talk about, what may be considered the nerdiest game of all time, Dungeons & Dragons.  All this and of course booze and other random thoughts.

Episode 5 is up and available on all sources!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…  This episode we are back to our normal topics; which this week includes video games, books, animation, and of course alcohol.  We talk Civilization VI, Arkham Knight, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Belgariad & Malloreon, and DC animation.  We hope you are enjoying listening to these, as much as we are enjoying making them.

Episode 4 – Potter-verse is available

This episode is all about Harry Potter and the Potter-verse.  We do talk quite a bit about the new movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” so SPOILERS, you have been warned.  We also have our first very special guest, Stella, who’s knowledge of the Potter-verse is about the equivalent of Russ’ knowledge of comics.

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Hey everyone. First we would like to thank everyone for liking our Facebook page and checking out the podcast. We had what we think is a good start and we really want to keep this going.

We also wanted to let you know that the next episode is going to be a little later than we had hoped due to an insane work schedule for Russ to get everything ready for the parade on Thursday. We are planning to have it up by early next week and then hopefully we can get onto our regular schedule of recording and releasing an episode each week.

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