Episode 18 – We Can Vote

This episode we discuss the “Nerd Commandments” we found online during the Anything Goes segment. We move on to Comics where we talk about Marvel Unlimited as well as the first X-Men comics and the newer Vader comic. TV returns to the line-up for our last segment and we talk about reality shows, specifically the Syfy show Faceoff.

Episode 16 – Dun Dun

This week we are talking about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the ’80s in the animation segment. We move on and talk about some of our favorite board games from when we were kids and then about what looks like a resurgence of board and card games going on now. To finish things off we bring back the Anything Goes segment where we talk about TV, but not the normal type of topic. We discuss our favorite non nerd-centric TV shows. As always we also talk about booze and some upcoming events.

Episode 15 – Nerding Out In The South

This week is our first podcast via Skype, since Russ is out of town for a while. There were a few bumps but overall it came out pretty good. We talk about our introduction to TSR novels, including Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance.  In animation we discuss our favorite Saturday morning cartoons from when we were kids. In the Table Top Games segment we talk about the World of Darkness games. Please excuse the minor technical issues and enjoy the show.

Episode 14 – Nothing Too Heavy

This week we talk about video games, including Blood Bowl II and Lego Avengers. From there it’s on to books where  we talk about Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens and audio books. Then we move to animation where we talk  about a variaty of movies and shows including some DC and Marvel super hero properties as well as Voltron, whose season two was just released on Netflix.

Episode 13 – Lucky Number 13, has been published!

But we digress…  This seemed to be the theme this episode as we did tend to drift off topic more than normal, but we would always come back around to what we started talking about.  This week we talk Movies, Star Wars Episode VIII has a name, Video Games, what games are coming out soon, and Books, classic sci-fi and others, along with our usual assortment of what’s been going on, what’s coming up, and booze.

Episode 12 – Going Where Many Shows Have Gone Before

This episode we welcome our second special guest, Shawn, to the show.  The three of us talk Star Trek in the TV segment and determine our favorite series in the Trek universe as well as discussing some favorite episodes.  From there we move on to Movies and get into all of the nerd-tastic movies coming out this summer and what we are looking forward to the most.  Then it’s on to Video Games in our final segment and a discussion of what we are currently playing, including some older games that we’ve gone back to.

Episode 11 – You Told Me To Go Back To The Beginning

This week we come full circle back to the same topic categories we had in our first episode.  We talk Comics, including IVX (Inhumans Vs X-Men).  We keep TV going for another week by discussing the new Constantine anmimated show, the return of Grimm, and binge watching shows.  Movies comes back with us talking about the Underworld series along with other vampire movies.

Episode 10 – We Hit Double Digits

This is our first show of the new year and we hit double digits; for our episodes not listeners.  Warning there are spoilers this week as we talk Rogue One in our Anything Goes category.  We also talk about our favorite non-mainstream comic books in the Comic segment, and our favorite nerd-centric sitcoms when we bring TV back to the show.  We also get to play with our new equipment for the first time.  Sit back, enjoy, and Happy New Year to everyone!

Episode 9 – We Are Invicible

This week we discuss our first foray outside of Dungeons & Dragons and into the role playing game Star Frontiers as well as other early TSR games. We also talk about the board/card game Red Dragon Inn. We get into some upcoming events and our experiences at various sci-fi and other conventions. We wrap things up by bringing back a topic from our first episode, comics, where we discuss the series “Invincible” by Image Comics. We also touch on Spawn and Todd McFarlane, his art and the toy line he created. As always we still talk about alcohol and other things going on in the nerd universe.