Episode 98 is now available!!

This week we recorded live, in front of a patio audience, at Bottoms Up, a pub just down the road from the Michigan Renaissance Festival. This episode is a little different from others. You get several guests who have been long time performers at the Michigan Renaissance Festival telling some of their favorite stories and what it’s like to be a ren faire performer. We also talk some nerd news. HUGE thank yous to everyone that took the time to come on the show and talk to us, as well as all the fans.

Now available Episode 97!!

It’s good to be able to laugh at your own mistakes, like doing the show for 20 minutes and then realizing that you didn’t actually hit record.  This week we are joined by special guest, and long time listener, Dr. Ed Rohn.  We discuss the Henry Cavill/Superman rumors.  We also talk about the now live DC Universe streaming service and some of the upcoming shows.  We touch on the new anime from the writer and director team of Avatar: The Last Airbender that just premiered on Netflix; The Dragon Prince.  And as nerds do when we get together and drink, we ramble through a bunch of other nerdy topics.

Episode 96 is available!!

This week we say goodbye to the legendary actor, Burt Reynolds, who passed away this week.  We talk a little bit about some of our favorite movies from his extensive catalog.  We also discuss the new pictures that have been released for the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain Marvel.  We also talk about several nerd news stories such as the Dr Who premier date, Hasbro movies, and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Episode 95 is available!!

This week we welcome another guest, Stevo aka Hob The Troll. We talk Renaissance Festivals and some of the experiences Russ and Stevo have had. We talk D&D and D&D Beyond. We discuss the Happytime Murders opening weekend box office numbers. We mention the new Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay video. We get into some movie news and lots of nerdy side tracks as usual.

Episode 94 is now available!!

This week we have a big announcement regarding our 100th episode.  We also talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and what is happening with the comic book.  We take a quick look at the newly announced board game from White Wolf, Vampire: The Masquarade – Heritage.  We discuss Amazon and their video game pre-order policy.  We finish things off with some news about comics and casting for one of the upcoming DC Universe shows.

Episode 92 is available!!

This week we are joined by very special guest Lydia Schneider.  She gives us her opinion on some of the topics we’ve been talking about over the last few weeks.  She also dives into the deep end of the nerd pool with us as we get into the latest nerd news, from Sir Patrick Stewart’s announcement to the recently announced changes to the changes at MoviePass.

Episode 90 has been published!

Hey everyone.  Episode 90 has been published and should be available in just a short while.

This week we get into a subject we realized has been lacking on our show, technology.  We talk about some of the new cell phones and phablets coming out soon.  We discuss the updates to the Chris Hardwick and James Gunn stories.  We also talk about the trailers for upcoming movies and TV shows that have come out in the last week.  As usual there is also the usual side tracks, shenanigans, and booze.

Episode 86 is now available!

We went a little long on this episode. Part of the reason for that was the we have our first guest in quite a while on this episode. We talk about how the NY Times dropped a spoiler for the Gotham Wedding. We discuss Luke Cage season two (no spoilers) and the MCU TV shows. We discuss whether or not a lightsaber could cut through Captain America’s shield. Then we finish the show off with our latest super powered smackdown, the sidekicks.

Episode 82 has been published!!

There is a lot to cover this week.  We discuss a lot of different things this week and still don’t get to everything we wanted.  We talk about the new Freeform show Cloak and Dagger, the upcoming DC Universe streaming service and the original shows they have announced.  We talk about a couple of movies that have been announced that may leave you wondering, “do we really need this?”  We discuss the big NASA news from Mars.  All this plus a lot of follow the thought bubble, as we see where our conversations go.