Episode 186 – Bad Batch; is now available!

This week we discuss the multiple celebrity deaths that happened this week. We also talk about some of what is going on in the world. As always we talk a lot of pop culture/nerd news. We discuss the newly announced Disney+ Star Wars animated series, The Bad Batch. We talk about the release of the new Dresden Files book, Peace Talks, as well as comic book and video game news.

Episode 185 – Art vs Artist; is now available!

This week we talk about a lot of pop culture news, including the death threats and other horrible tweets that people have sent to Laura Bailey because of her performance in the Last Of Us Part 2. We also ask if, for artist that actually do something horrible, are you still allowed to like or enjoy their work, or does it all need to disappear. We also discuss DC Fandome, what SDCC is going to be doing, and the announcement of a Fallout TV series.

Episode 184 – The Debate Strikes Back; is now available!

This week we fight with some technical issues, but get through them. We also talk about the passing of Carl Reiner and his long career. We get into Anthony Mackie calling out Marvel Studios for a lack of inclusion. We also talk about music videos, new hobbies, and comic book news. At one point the debate about the last three Star Wars movies comes up again.

Episode 180 – W T Actual F; is now available!

The world is going to hell and we need to talk about it. We talk about the civil unrest and the murder of George Floyd because it needs to be talked about, everywhere. We can’t keep letting this go on in our country. The show isn’t all serious discussion though, as we do get into some nerdy topics for most of it. Remember to love each other. Remember to take care of each other. Remember that we’re all in this together.