Episode 168 – Alternative Inebriation; is now available!!!

This week we discuss alcohol but also marijuana, now that it’s been legalized for recreational use in our home state. We also talk about the new trailer for the New Mutants movie. We discuss video games, including God of War. We talk about Altered Carbon and the new animated series coming to Netflix. And we finish the show off as we have for several weeks now, with the sixth edition of Picking Apart Picard.

Episode 167 – C2E2 And More; is now available!

This week we talk about the C2E2 convention held in Chicago last weekend. We talk TV news about the Magicians and Castlevania. We touch on the trailer for the new Sony Animation movie “Connected.” We get into a discussion about the upcoming “Rise Of Skywalker” novelization. And of course we finish things off with the fifth edition of Picking Apart Picard.

Episode 166 – So Much Going On; is now available!!

This week there is so much to talk about. We discuss the Harley Davidson powered Green Machine that takes us back to our childhood. We talk about Baldur’s Gate 3 and other video games. We dive into DC comics and movie news. We also get into movies, books, and D&D. Then finish the show off with our fourth installment of Picking Apart Picard.

Episode 163 – Off To Florida Again; is now available!!

This is the last episode with Russ in the Nerd Basement for a couple of months. But don’t worry he will still be joining us remote from Florida. This week we discuss the death of Kobe Bryant. We talk a little bit about the new HBO series Avenue 5. We talk about a new line of action figures. And then we finish things off with our new segment; Picking Apart Picard, where we discuss the latest episode of the CBS All Access show Star Trek: Picard.

Episode 162 – Strawberry Mead Forever; is now available!!

This week we get into a little bit of the Joker movie. We talk Marvel, the new touring exhibit, and we also got a date for the second Doctor Strange movie. We discuss bad customer service experiences. And we finish the show off with a list of Star Wars movies ranked, by a specific critic score, from worst to first, which caused some serious questioning of the critics judgement.

Episode 161 – So We Went A Little Long; is now available!!

It’s so unlike us to talk to much, but this week we wound up going a little long. We talk about a successful Kickstarter campaign. Shockingly we talk about Critical Role and their big announcement. We discuss the CW and new shows. We get into Picard and how excited we are for the show. We also explore the Morbius trailer. All of that, plus, the last edition of Who’s Watching The Watchmen.