Episode 194 – Labor Day; is now available!

This week we recorded on a special day due to Chris having his sports nerd event on the usual recording day. We discuss a lot of nerd stuff this week, including the latest Black Panther rumors, some new shows we are patching on Prime and HBO Max, and what is happening for Star Trek Day. Give us a listen, and remember you can join us live every week on Twitch (twitch.tv/drinkingnerds), Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm Eastern.

Episode 193 – New Rig Better Stream; is now available!

This week we got a late start but once we were going everything ran great. Chris built a new computer and that appears to have seriously helped with the streaming issues from the last couple of weeks. This week we talk about the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman. We also discuss the news from Kenosha, Wisconsin. We also get into some tech talk about the newly announced graphics cards from Nvidia. Plus comics, alcohol, and plenty more nerd ramblings.

Episode 189 – Still Learning; is now available!!

We are going on four years and we’re still learning things, especially about video now. This was not our best video podcast, and was fraught with technical issues. Luckily, the audio was just fine. We have a great time talking about all sorts of pop culture topics this week. Streaming, movies, TV, and video games, we cover it all.

Episode 187 – More Delays; is now available!

This week we discuss how the Coronavirus has now delayed yet another show, Falcon and The Winter Soldier. We also talk about streaming services and shows moving around, as well as the brand new service. We also talk a little bit about the upcoming Star Trek animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. There is also a lot of news about the virtual Comic Con that will be happening this week.

Episode 186 – Bad Batch; is now available!

This week we discuss the multiple celebrity deaths that happened this week. We also talk about some of what is going on in the world. As always we talk a lot of pop culture/nerd news. We discuss the newly announced Disney+ Star Wars animated series, The Bad Batch. We talk about the release of the new Dresden Files book, Peace Talks, as well as comic book and video game news.

Episode 185 – Art vs Artist; is now available!

This week we talk about a lot of pop culture news, including the death threats and other horrible tweets that people have sent to Laura Bailey because of her performance in the Last Of Us Part 2. We also ask if, for artist that actually do something horrible, are you still allowed to like or enjoy their work, or does it all need to disappear. We also discuss DC Fandome, what SDCC is going to be doing, and the announcement of a Fallout TV series.