Episode 233 – I’m Sylvie Now; now available!

This week we cover so much. We get side tracked by chat questions that get us going on some really great tangents. We cover the new Critical Role show Exandria Unlimited. We discuss first thoughts on the D&D video game Dark Alliance. We talk about the early reviews of Black Widow. We briefly discuss the latest Picard teaser trailer. And of course we finish things off with an in depth discussion about the latest episode of Loki.

Episode 230 – D&D Week; is now available!!

This week we talk a lot about the announcements from Wizards of the Coast regarding D&D and what they are releasing later this year. So far two new books with more announcements as the week moves on. This is just a tease until more information is revealed at D&D Live in July. We also discuss the end of Critical Role Campaign 2 without spoilers. We talk about a new DC animated movie that will be coming out next year. We also get into some of the news about The Boys season 3.

Episode 229 – The Nevers; is now available!!

This week we talk about the last episode of the HBO Max series, The Nevers. There are some spoilers so if you need to skip that part that’s understandable. We also talk about The Eternals trailer, as well as other Marvel movies and series. We get into the new Marvel series on Hulu, MODOK. We then end the show talking D&D, specifically Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft.

Episode 228 – No One Topic; is now available!

There is a lot going on this week and the title says it all. We don’t have one topic we are focusing on over any others. We spend time talking about the Covid regulation changes we are starting to see. We discuss Star Wars and some of the rumors out there, as well as some first opinions on The Bad Batch. We spend a little time on the new Lego Marvel kit. We talk TV shows and so much more.

Episode 226 – May The 4th Be With You; is now available!

This week our show falls on Star Wars Day so of course we have to talk about that. We also talk about The Eternals teaser trailer that also dropped a lot of other info. If you haven’t seen this you really should check it out. We started discussing the HBO Max show The Nevers. As always there was a lot of alcohol chat, side tracks, and other small bits of news.

Episode 225 – Oh Captain My Captain; is now available!

This week our main topic is the Falcon and Winter Soldier finale. We talk about a lot of other topics as well, including Captain America 4 news. We also discuss what Marvel Comics is planning for Pride Month in June. We discuss the Disney+ and Sony deal. We talk a little bit about the new HBOMax show, The Nevers. We also have a bunch more quick hits and short discussions. This show is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Paulson, gone too soon.

Episode 224 – Not My Captain America; is now available!

Hey everyone! This week we talk about a lot of different things. We talk about some current events, and recent losses to the Nerds family. Then we get into the trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. We discuss the new X-Men team for the comics and a bunch of other quick hits. We finish off the show with our coverage of the latest episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier.

Episode 222 – Winter Soldier Is Coming; is now available!

This week we welcome Scott back for a second week in a row. We talk a lot about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier as we cover episodes two and three. We also discuss the teaser trailers that were released for Star Trek: Discovery and Picard. We also talk about Covid vaccines, Walking Dead ending, the 10th anniversary of Game of Thrones premier, and so much more.

Episode 221 – Snyder Cut; is now available!

This week we welcome a returning special guest, Scott, to the show. We talk about a lot of comic book related stuff. We talk a little bit about the new Invincible show on Prime. We discuss The Suicide Squad trailer. We get into a lengthy debate about the Snyder Cut Justice League. And we just touch on episode 2 of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, which we will get more into next week.

Episode 220 – Sam And Bucky; is now available!

This week we get into a lot of nerd topics. Disney Plus announced release plans for Black Widow and Cruella. We do a spoiler free review of the Snyder Cut Justice League. We talk about some comic book news. Some TV shows get discussed including, Resident Alien getting a second season. We finish things off talking about the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.