Episode 35 – Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to the US!  Happy Canada Day to Canada!  This episode has us discussing all sorts of nerdy things that have been happening in the world.  The Podcast Detroit guys put together a Detroit area podcasters get together that we attended and we talk about that.  We discuss the new Netflix show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), as well as some of the new shows coming this fall or returning this summer.  We touch on the end of the Doctor Who season and the changes coming to the creative staff behind the show.  All this and alcohol!

Episode 34 is out!

This episode has us talking about the upcoming Star Trek Discovery. We also talk a little bit about the CBS All Access app since that will be the only way to see this new show after the first two episodes.  We get into what little we know about the Han Solo movie directors “parting company” with the producers at Lucas Films, as well as the naming of the new director.  Marvel Comics announced their plans for their next new project, and we discuss what it might mean for the Marvel universe.  Of course there are drinks, digressions, and everything else you expect from us.

Episode 33 – Wonder Woman will be out shortly!

This week we talk about the festivals from the previous weekend including CraftCom, a craft fair meets craft beer festival meets comicon, in downtown Clawson. We look forward to next year. We have a discussion about the new Wonder Woman movie without regard to spoilers (you are warned). We also talk about the season finale of the TV show Gotham, also with out regard to spoilers (you are warned again).

Episode 32 is out!!

This week we talk about the death of Batman, Adam West. We talk about our remembrances of the old Batman TV show as well as the rest of his long career. The nerd commandment gets us discussing our first cartoon crushes as well as some other TV characters. We get into some of the E3 announcements that came out before we recorded the episode.  We follow up on some of the Facebook comments from last week as well. Plus the usual alcohol and digressions we’re known for.

Episode 31 – Decisions, Decisions has been published!!

This week we pressure Russ to make a Sophie’s Choice type of decision when we start talking about our favoite super hero movies. we also talk about the new Wonder Woman movie, a little (no spoilers). Our meandering discussion also takes us to animation where we talk about some shows coming back with new episodes (even if one is little more than rumors right now).

Episode 30 – Return From The Emerald Isle has been published!!

This week we welcome Chris back from his Ireland adventure and get the synopsis of the trip and various pubs and breweries that were visited. We talk about the Motor City Comic Con and Russ lets us know his thoughts on this year as well as some of the people he met. We move from that to our discussion of Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and yes there ARE spoilers.

The Next Three Episodes

Hey everybody!  We have the next three episodes recorded and they are scheduled to be released on Thursday over the next few weeks.  This will cover our schedule for the time Chris is going to be out of the country.  We will resume our normal recording schedule after Memorial Day.  But until then, enjoy the new episodes, or take the time to get caught up on previous episodes.  And remember, tell your friends because no one should suffer alone.  Slainte.

Nerds With Alcohol LIVE at B Nektar!!

Ladies and Gentlenerds, this is it, our first on location show. We will be recording live at the B Nektar taproom and you are all invited to this special show. We’ll be talking with one of B Nektar’s owners and having a very nerdy time. Now’s your chance to see how the magic is done, or at least watch us nerd out while drinking at one of our favorite places.  You can see the event on Facebook by clicking here; Nerds With Alcohol LIVE at B Nektar.

Episode 24 out tonight!!

This episode finds us getting so into the discussions we’re having that we actually forget to talk about what we’re drinking for a bit. We talk about the Animaniacs cartoon and the Fables comic book, as well as last weekend’s great Stone Clover show and the beer named after them, Stone Clover Stout, and as always so much more.