Episode 100 is here!!!

This is it. The BIG 1-0-0!! Triple digits! To celebrate this milestone we took the show on the road to Royal Oak Brewery, in Royal Oak, Michigan. We invited a couple of special guests, Royal Oak Brewery’s head brewer, Jeremy Altier, and Stone Clover front man, Pauly Brady to talk nerdy with us. This was such a great time, with a great group of people. Huge thank you to everyone!! We discussed movies, TV shows, and video games. Here’s to the next 100!! Slainte!!!

Listen to the show wherever you get your podcast fix (or just click on it to the right), or if want to watch us do the show, just watch the video below.


Episode 100!!!

Posted by Nerds With Alcohol Show on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Episode 99 is available!!

So much movie info has been coming out lately we discuss several of the upcoming films including, Kingsman 3, DC’s Birds of Prey, Gambit, Wonder Woman 1984, and Bohemian Rhapsody. We also talk about the costume pictures coming out of the Joker solo movie, as well as our opinions on some of the other portrayals of this legendary villain. We get into the collapse of Telltale Games. As usual there are also side tracks and alcohol discussions.