Episode 119 is now available!!!

This week we continue the north-south podcast and talk a lot of TV. We get into Star Trek: Discovery (some spoilers if your aren’t caught up), the new Penny Dreadful series coming to Showtime, and the Whedonverse, specifically Buffy and Angel. We also discuss the Oscars and some big wins for nerd movies. As usual there will be other random thoughts thrown in, slainte!

Episode 118 is now available!!

This week we are joined by a couple of the guys from Canton Brew Works, Barry, the head brewer and one of the owners, and Jake, assistant brewer, VP of Sales, and Manager. We had a lot of fun talking brewing, Marvel and DC movies, Good Omens, video games, and pretty much whatever came to someone’s mind. You can check out Canton Brew Works in Canton, MI, and on their website; www.cantonbrewworks.com.

Episode 117 is available!

This week is our first episode since Russ went to Florida and each year that always presents new challenges for our recording. This year was no exception and we apologize for any audio quality issues. We talk about a lot of stuff this week. We discuss the some of the Super Bowl ads, the Marvel movie trailers, new Marvel shows announced for Hulu, the Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse movie, Critical Role hitting a milestone, and so much more.

Episode 116 is now available!

This week we say goodbye to Russ for the next couple of months, as he makes his annual pilgrimage to Florida. He won’t really be gone, he’ll just be on via the internet instead of being in the basement. We talk about comic books and going digital. We discuss some of the news coming out about Bill and Ted 3. We talk Ghostbusters, old, new, and even newer. We finish things off looking at what is coming to the main streaming services in February.