Episode 200 – Another Milestone; now available!!

This week we celebrate our 200th episode. Can’t believe we’ve made it this long. Thank you so much to everyone watching/listening. This week we talk about Mandalorian season 2 debuting this Friday. We talk about the new console game systems scheduled to come out in just a couple of weeks, as well as a number of video games coming out before, or in tandem with these new consoles. We also discuss a sequel TV show coming to the Peacock, as well as the first images from the second season of Batwoman.

Episode 199 – Coming Soon; is now available!!

This we have Russ back in the Basement with us and we talk about a lot of things that are coming soon. We talk about movies, TV shows, video games, and game systems that will be coming out soon. Among the things we talk about are the Borat and Willow sequels, the D&D Cookbook, Dexter returning, and Playstation 5 along with some of the games. We also have a list of the 5 TV shows we would tell someone to watch to get to know what we liked.

Episode 198 – Special Guest Host; is now available!!

This week we have a special guest host you might recognize from previous episodes or Tavern Knights. We get into a lot of topics, including touching on the psychological and anthropological studies that are being done during this global pandemic. We also talk about movie sequels that write out previous movies in the series. We discuss Avatar the Last Airbender a little bit. We also talk some D&D, Warhammer, and painting miniatures.

Episode 197 – Flaming Dumpster Fire; now available!

This week we talk quite a bit about current events from the first presidential debate, to the news that the president and first lady along with several others contracted Covid. We do get into some nerdy business though, and discuss the new Star Wars: Squadrons game. We talk about some current TV, as well as news about the new Game of Thrones prequel. Plus a whole lot more.