Episode 107 – Catching Up

We welcome Russ back to the basement after his two week hiatus. We catch up on what he was up to, as well as his thoughts on the death of Stan Lee. We cover the asinine comments made by Bill Maher regarding Stan Lee passing and people’s reactions. We talk about how it looks like Disney is going to own the box office in 2019 with the huge number of big movies they have coming out next year. We wrap it up discussing a new D&D character class created by a company for marketing purposes, that could actually be, somewhat, playable.

Episode 106 – The Lost Episode

We have some sad news for you. We recorded a fantastic episode (106) however, it appears that the memory card on our recorder failed near the end of the show and we may have lost the whole thing. We are currently working on recovering the data but at the moment things aren’t looking good. If it can be saved the episode will be out as soon as it’s recovered.

Episode 103 is available!!

This week we bounce around and cover a bunch of nerd topics. We talk about the release of the Red Dead Redemption 2 video game. We discuss the upcoming DC animated film “Reign of the Supermen” and our thoughts based on the first trailer. We get into some discussion about the Arrowverse and John Wesley Ship’s return. We also talk a little bit out the new Netflix show “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” based on what we saw in the preview.