Episode 123 – Goodbye To Florida is now available!

This week is the last of our yearly cross country shows, as Russ prepares to make the trek home. We talk about some remarks Zack Snyder made regarding his vision of Batman, that spark some heated words. We also talk about Captain Marvel again, this time with spoilers (you have been warned). We discuss the casting of Deathstroke and his kids for DC’s Titans season two. We get into the early reviews for Shazam! We also touch on a new comic coming from Marvel later this year, and the Critical Role Kickstarter.

Episode 122 is now available!!

This week we discuss James Gunn being rehired by Marvel/Disney, as well as him directing The Suicide Squad. We talk other DC movies, including Suicide Squad, the upcoming Flash flick, and rumors about Batman. We somehow wind up talking a bit about Batman Beyond, and the Spiderman movies. Chris provides a summary of the brewery tour/pub crawl he did last weekend, while Russ gives his opionion on Mortal Engines now that he’s watched it on Blu-ray. Near the end we answer a question we posed on our Facebook page; what video game did you spend the most money playing as a kid?

Episode 121 – Coming Soon To A TV Near You is now available!

This week we continue the cross country saga and give our first impressions on the Captain Marvel movie, spoiler free. Then we get into a discussion about a bunch of new shows that have been announced, with a few rumors thrown in, to be in the works. Several Marvel shows have been announced for Disney+, a new show being developed for Apple, as well as the return of a BBC America show on AMC. All this plus the usual train of thought derailings.

Episode 120 has been released!

This week we continue our north south podcast. We discuss crowd funding, specifically the amazing results that Critical Role is getting from their Kickstarter. We talk about upcoming super hero movies, as well as some other movies that have been announced. We get into the new Ultraman cartoon that will be on Netflix. We also ask the question, who would you like to play D&D with?