Episode 220 – Sam And Bucky; is now available!

This week we get into a lot of nerd topics. Disney Plus announced release plans for Black Widow and Cruella. We do a spoiler free review of the Snyder Cut Justice League. We talk about some comic book news. Some TV shows get discussed including, Resident Alien getting a second season. We finish things off talking about the first episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Episode 219 – In Between Shows; is now available!

This week we talk about the upcoming D&D video game, Dark Alliance. Staying on the D&D topic, we also briefly talk about the brand new book release; Candlekeep Mysteries. We discuss movies and TV shows coming this week, like the Snyder Cut and Falcon and Winter Soldier. We also get into more with the MCU by discussing the Secret Invasion news that was released, and a little WandaVision follow up. There are a bunch of other quick hits, side tracks, and bad jokes.

Episode 217 – Please Stand By; now available!!

So much to talk about again this week. We take a quick run through the Golden Globe winners. We talk about the changes coming to Hasbro thanks to the incredible year that Wizards Of The Coast had last year. We discuss a bunch of comic book news. We also get into some of the pictures we’re seeing come from the set of Thor: Love And Thunder. And we of course wrap things up with a review and disection of the latest episode of WandaVision.